Patriot patients left in the dark

MORRISTOWN – Patients who previously relied on Patriot Medical Supply of St. Clairsville may be wondering where to turn now that the business has abruptly closed. One option is Morristown Pharmacy & Homecare.

Jim Rainery, General Manager of MP&H, says he has received multiple calls from Patriot’s former patients who are concerned and confused about what to do for help. Rainery says patients reliant on oxygen are especially worrisome.

“It leaves me really concerned,” he said. “If their oxygen concentrator broke down in the middle of the night, they would have no one to call, and the same is true for a power outage.”

Rainery adds that his pharmacy is only one of many in the area that can provide the medical equipment Patriot’s former patients need.

“I would like to put the word out there that Morristown Pharmacy & Homecare and I’m sure others would be available to them, but they must contact us before the emergency happens. I’m sure this is true for any other companies as well.”

It is not clear why Patriot Medical Supply, located at 52171 National Road East, closed so suddenly without warning patients. The business’s phone number has been disconnected.

Rainery said he has tried contacting employees from Patriot but has not received any response. He had contemplated trying to send out a letter to help their patients understand, but says he is getting nowhere trying to reach Patriot representatives.

Patriot is a subsidiary of Global Medical Equipment of America, Inc., which has corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The St. Clairsville business opened its doors at the former C.A. House Music building in December of 2011, after relocating from Bridgeport. It had served as the regional headquarters for the national business. In addition to oxygen supplies, the company’s products included power mobility units, braces, crutches, wheel chairs, scooters, lift chairs, home diagnostic equipment, orthopedics, specialized furnishings, diabetic supplies, skin care products, exercise therapy equipment, ambulatory products, rehabilitation equipment, and aids for daily living.

Morristown Pharmacy & Homecare is located at 66840 Belmont Morristown Rd. Patients wishing to learn more about MP&H’s medical supplies can call (740) 782-1230.

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