Police find new evidence in Runnion case

MARTINS FERRY The city’s police department is looking for more possible juveniles who could be linked to Michael Runnion.

He was arrested in February on charges of importuning through a telecommunication device. This is a felony four offense.

Runnion, 24, was arrested and sentenced in 2011 for sexual misconduct with a minor. At this point he had three different victims. Recently, he reportedly contacted another minor, which led to his latest arrest. Due to this arrest, his parole could be revoked, a hearing is set.

Upon his February arrest, his phone was sent to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation for a physical analysis, which receives deleted photos and messages. Through this physical analyst, multiple pictures of juveniles were uncovered. A web history shows that Runnion was contacting juveniles via Facebook.

“I have access to a lot more because when (Runnion) gave it to me, he gave permission to search it and I didn’t find much,” said Martins Ferry Police Officer George Shreve, who was the arresting officer. “His call log and text messages did not work out but what I do have access to is his internet web history and browsing history.”

The females that he was contacting and some of the photos found on his phone have been verified as juveniles. Some of the females were identified, but not all of the females in the photos on Runnion’s phone have been identified.

Shreve and the Martins Ferry Police Department said that if you have any further information on those who Runnion were contacting, please contact them.