RASKALS partnering with Senior Services

While most students in Belmont County are enjoying their break from the classroom, these young men from St. Clairsville take the opportunity to “pay it forward” with a random act of kindness.

These students donated their time buy helping SSOBC with some spring cleaning. “This winter was very hard on our vehicles,” said Barb Ballint, Program Administrator at Senior Services. “With such busy schedules it is hard for our drivers to take the time to do a thorough cleaning of the vehicles.”

Five students became part the Raskals Program by taking time to wash and clean the outside and inside of several Senior Services vehicles. Franki Favede, one of the students, said it felt good to help out. He also knows that colleges are looking for well-rounded individuals that have a strong sense of community service and that are willing to give back. “When Mrs. Ballint ask if I would be interested in doing some community service and being a part of the RASKAL Program, I took advantage of the opportunity. I thought that this would be a good way to get involved with my community. I shared the information with some of my friends and here we are.”

RASKALS stands for Random Acts of Simple Kindness Affecting Local Seniors. Senior Services have had several different groups participate in the program. Martins Ferry Set Design Class made decorations for a Christmas float that Senior Services used for several parades throughout the county. There has also been several individuals who have participated. Some have went to seniors’ home and shoveled snow.

If you have a group or organization that would like to participate in the RASKALS Program, give Barb Ballint a call at 695-4142.