St. C. takes care of business

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Ongoing business was discussed during Monday’s meeting of the St. Clairsville city council.

Council President Terry Pugh reported ongoing arrangements for a tour of the city’s utilities next week or the week after.

Mayor Robert Vincenzo reported that work on the roof of the city building is nearing completion with only some caulking remaining to be done outside and minimal interior work. The cost was about $67,000. A warrantee will be provided when the bonding company inspects the work and writes a guarantee.

“It’s very satisfactory,” he said.

In other matters, Vincenzo noted that the Ohio Municipal League has adopted a manual describing the operation of a city and the duties of council and employees. He pointed out that St. Clairsville is a charter government, not a statutory one.

In addition, AMI installation of water meters is ongoing at about 15-20 per day depending on the installers’ ability to gain access to the house meters. Designated workers drive a vehicle with the words “City Installers” and will have credentials. Normal installation is a half-hour to 45 minutes. Some complications have arisen due to plumbing issues, but professional workers are available. Any modifications will be done at the owners’ expense.

In other matters, Police Chief Jeff Henry noted a new cruiser has been received. It has been striped and marked and new equipment is being installed.

Also, nest Monday Mastermind will commence a traffic study for Routes 9 and 40.

The city is still considering snow ordinances in preparation for the next winter.

In addition, the police schedule may change from an eight-hour shift to a 12-hour shift.

In other matters of law enforcement, Council Member Perry Jones reported on a police committee meeting addressing details of a planned three-way stop at High Street and the installation of two LED Stop signs.

Also, the city is in the process of creating a lieutenant position for the police department. The position would remain in the union, with an intended pay raise of $1 per hour. The officer would take a test with the Civil Service Commission.

In other matters, council discussed plans to offer parking permits for a lot of about 30 spaces behind the library at a cost of $1 daily. Monthly or six-month passes would be available. An estimated $7,000 yearly could be made.

Also, the fire board met April 8 and discussed issues including improving an employee assistance program. A new fire truck has been ordered from a Columbus company. Thanks go out to the voters for their support. The next meeting will be April 23 at 4 p.m. The interview committee for the chief’s position will attend and offer a finalized number of applicants. The interviews will be scheduled.

Council also discussed whether the city had an ordinance prohibiting children playing on the street.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Tom Murphy reported that the city passed an audit from Ohio EMA regarding funding received for a 2011 disaster.

The planning commissioner will meet May 5, 6 p.m. to discuss matters including the St. Clair Commons preliminary plat and a revised preliminary plan for the commons.

Hot patching of potholes should begin soon. The plants should open within the week.

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