Beallsville High School to stay open

WOODSFIELD – The Switzerland of Ohio Board of Education held a special meeting Wednesday and decided to keep Beallsville High School open.

For the last several months, it has been a question of whether the board would close Beallsville High for the coming school year.

There had been talk of redistricting and moving the high school students to other schools. An overwhelming majority of Beallsville parents, alumni and students were against the proposal. Many attended the board meetings and asked the board why.

When considering schools, the board looked at enrollment numbers. Next year, Beallsville is projected to have just under 100 students.

According to Lance Erlwein, district treasurer, after the board looked at the five-year forecast for the district, next year’s forecast looked better.

The improvements were due to the one-time $1.3 million the board received from the oil and gas industry and the $800,000 insurance concession that the teachers have agreed to.

The district is not out the woods.

It has been noted that if a levy is not passed in November, the board will have to cut more . That includes building closures. Until then, the district is going to focus on small improvements, such as improving the quality of education to the students in the district.

“I am pleased that we are talking about student opportunties and need for academic improvements. The board has now found a unifying theme among all its members that will continue to be a driving force towards district improvements,” said Superintendent John Hall.

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