Cigarettes stolen from two St.C. gas stations

THIEVES broke into two St. Clairsville area gas stations on Thursday and stole a large amount of cigarettes.

The owners of Smith Sunoco, at the intersection of US 40 and Ohio 331, and the Hilltop Sunoco on US. 40, east of St. Clairsville, came to work and found thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes were stolen.

Bryan Smith, owner of Smith Sunoco, said 64 cartons of cigarettes, worth $3,500 were taken. He said although the security cameras caught the thieve in the act, no clear image could be found because they were covered from head to toe in dark clothing.

Smith said the thieves broke the glass in the front door. They could be seen slithering on the floor to avoid triggering the security sensors. They crawled right back out through the same door.

According to Smith the high price of cigarettes have made them valuable. He said he will add bars to the glass doors.