Principal gets duct-taped to wall

BELLAIRE – Bellaire Elementary School Principal Derek Ault found himself stuck to a wall on Wednesday afternoon. Students in Cheryl Wallace’s first grade class used a copious amount of duct tape to attach Ault, their prize for collecting the most box tops for the year.

The competition started at the beginning of the school year to raise funds. The idea came from Holly Poe, a student parent who organized the collection and kept track of numbers.

Ault joked that it was a “sticky situation,” and said that the kids enjoyed it.

“Absolutely, they had a great time,” he said.

Overall, Bellaire Elementary students were able to collect 13,050 box tops. Wallace’s class led with 4,000. According to Ault, the collection earned the school $1,305, which will be put toward classroom supplies.

Box Tops for Education is a fundraising avenue that has been in place since 1996. The box tops are small coupons that can be clipped from a variety of food and other products’ packaging. Each box top is worth ten cents. Schools can turn the box tops in and are awarded with cash, which can then be used for anything the school needs including books, playground equipment, supplies, etc.

Ault said he is appreciative of all the parents that helped collect box tops.

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