Protesters want Flanagan gone

BELLAIRE – Protesters lined up across from Bellaire Police Dept. on Friday afternoon to ask for the resignation of Lieutenant Dick Flanagan.

Flanagan has been lighting up social media for the last week or so. A concerned citizen posted a video on YouTube and Facebook which highlighted Flanagan’s verbal confrontation with a woman while he was responding to a call. Several profanities are shouted by Flanagan in the video. Citizens are alarmed that no significant action has been taken against Flanagan.

Although the video has been viewed by many concerned citizens, it does not include what led to the outburst from Flanagan. Many citizens of the village feel that the way Flanagan handled the situation was unprofessional, regardless of how the situation escalated to that point.

Some of the protesters who appeared Friday afternoon were wearing Guy Fawkes masks, which are a staple of the Anonymous protesters whom the Ohio Valley saw much of during the Steubenville rape case. However, it is not clear whether Anonymous was actually involved in the protest or if individuals were acting on their own accord.

There has been no word on whether or not Flanagan plans to resign from his position, and Police Chief Mike Kovalyk could not be reached for comment.

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