Big Red marching band is ready to perform

STEUBENVILLE – City residents can enjoy the sights and sounds of a football game halftime show Sunday morning when the Steubenville High School marching band takes a journey through several neighborhoods.

“We decided to do the Sunday morning march to raise funds for our summer band camp, and to provide a little football season preview music,” said Rick Hicks, director of the school’s marching band.

“We will start at the high school at 10 a.m. and march north on Fourth Street to the public housing projects. Then we will head south on Fifth Street to the South End housing projects; then north on Sixth Street to Adams Street where we will ride a school bus up Adams Street to Lawson Avenue on Pleasant Heights. We were going to march up Adams Street, but I don’t want to put the students through that march at this time of the year,” explained Hicks.

“Once we are on Lawson Avenue we will continue toward the overhead bridge and march into the LaBelle neighborhood and then march down Oregon Avenue to Brady Estates. From there we will march to Harding Stadium where we will conclude our Sunday morning walk,” continued Hicks.

“We will be playing our marching cadence until we see people and at that point we will play the Big Red fight song, ‘The Horse,’ ‘Long Train Running’ and ‘KGee,’ noted Hicks.

Emma Mamula, a junior at Steubenville High School, will be playing the snare drum Sunday.

“I am looking forward to the march because it will be a great experience. It will help us build our muscles for summer band camp this year,” declared Mamula.

Lexi Murray, a senior band member and baritone player, said she is, “a little excited.”

“It will be a long march, but marching is fun. And, once we are marching and playing the music it will be more fun. I am looking forward to the entire event. My life right now is the band and drama and it is all very enjoyable for me,” stated Murray.

Hicks said a police cruiser will be in front of the band and another cruiser will follow the band.

“We will also have a vehicle with water and ice to keep the band hydrated. We have been marching in the neighborhood around the high school, so this will just be a little longer,” remarked Hicks.

“And if anyone wants to donate to the Steubenville High School marching band summer camp, they can contacted me at (740) 282-9741, ext. 1175. We appreciate all of the support we receive from the community,” Hicks said.