Monroe office getting upgrades

WOODSFIELD – Computer system improvements and enhancements costing $67,000 will be possible in Monroe County Recorder Ann Block’s office without county funds being expended.

Block explained to the county commissioners Monday that this will be possible because of digitalized records being purchased by gas and oil companies.

Nearly two years ago, Antero Resources paid to have records from the recorder’s office digitalized with the company obtaining a set of records.

Block said two other oil and gas companies have approached Affiliated Computer Services, land track firm for the Monroe County Recorder’s Office, about purchasing digitalized records. ACS handles such matters as indexing land information for the office.

In such sales by ACS, the county recorder’s office is the third party beneficiary.

“We get credit to enhance our computer system when digitalized records are sold,” said Block.

With the two new companies purchasing such records, the recorder’s office will have $67,000 in credit. Block intends to meet with ACS to decide on what improvements and enhancements will be made to the system such as making the records more easily viewable and searchable.

Noting there are 21 years of records on the computer system, Block said she would like for that to be expanded to make earlier records as searchable as the current records.

Block also noted that ACS has some restrictions on the records which are sold, such as a company can’t resell them.

In other matters, County Pandora Neuhart expressed a number of concerns to the commissioners.

Among the concerns were several financial matters related to the Monroe County Care Center. The matter was discussed, and it was decided a meeting will be held July 7 at 1 p.m. during the commissioners’ meeting. Involved will be the commissioners, Neuhart and representatives of the care center.

County Auditor Neuhart also asked the commissioners about their five-year forecast or plan for the county as a result of the extra money being received because of the oil and gas boom.

Commissioners replied they don’t have a five-year plan but currently are undertaking projects that needed to be done, such as the major sidewalk project around the courthouse.

In an earlier meeting, commissioners approved the extension of a contract between the Monroe County Department of Job and Family Services and the GMN Tri-County CAC in regard to Ormet Rapid Response Services.

The original contract provides for GMN Tri-County CAC to place two individuals in the DJFS agency to serve Ormet dislocated workers. The contract was extended through Dec. 31 of this year.