Wheeling Hospital: ‘A’ in patient safety

WHEELING – For the second time this year, Wheeling Hospital has been ranked among the best in the nation for patient safety.

The Leapfrog Group has awarded Wheeling Hospital an A, its highest score, for safety in treating patients. The grade was issued as part of the organization’s annual Hospital Safety Score initiative.

Wheeling Hospital is the only A-rated hospital in the Upper Ohio River Valley region. Hospital scores are available at www.hospitalsafetyscore.org.

Earlier this year, Wheeling Hospital was named one of the nation’s 100 safest by The SafeCare Group, a national health care rating organization.

“The Leapfrog Group survey is the gold standard for measuring hospital performance in the areas of patient safety, quality and resource utilization. I am particularly proud that we have earned an A rating from the organization, as it reflects the constant commitment and hard work that the Wheeling Hospital community invests in providing safe, quality health care to the residents of our region,” said Ron Violi, Wheeling Hospital chief executive officer.

Leapfrog studied health care results and other data from 2,522 U.S. general hospitals. In addition, Leapfrog incorporated results and data from three other health care organizations, including the national Centers for Disease Control.

Heidi Porter leads Wheeling Hospital’s Quality Management Program, which oversees quality measures and results.

“No hospital can guarantee everything will turn out fine. A study of U.S. hospitals shows that 1 in 25 patients acquires an infection in the hospital one reason more than 1,000 people die each day across the nation from preventable medical errors. It’s a tough fight for hospitals, but we can’t fall behind. Patients put their trust in us, so we owe it to them to keep them as safe as possible,” explained Porter.

Dr. Angelo Georges, Wheeling Hospital chief medical officer, added, “Keeping patients safe, from the time they enter our facilities to the time they leave, and even while recuperating at home, is something we work on every day through face-to-face consultations, training and simply doing. There is no finish line when it comes to patient safety.”

Of the 2,522 hospitals issued a safety score, 804 earned an A; 668 scored a B; 878 earned a C; 150 scored a D; and 22 received an F.