Cadiz Council hears from AEP representatives

CADIZ – Two individuals representing American Electric Power attended Cadiz council’s Thursday meeting to bring a couple of programs to council’s attention.

David M. Wheeler, General Manager of Community Affairs, gave council a brief overview of the Community Energy Savers Program (CESP). CESP is designed to help villages raise their energy efficiency while saving consumers money on their bills. It’s also meant to lessen environmental impact.

“Basically, we sit down with the village and we come up with a goal, what we think would be an appropriate number of your residents to be engaged with energy savings,” Wheeler explained. “With this pilot program, once you start hitting thresholds in this goal, then you start receiving benefits.”

One benefit is a strategy designed specifically for Cadiz to move forward with energy efficiency. Another is credit earned by residents who purchase energy efficient appliances. Customers can do home energy audits online, which produce $50 credits for the village.

The program would require a community liaison.

Wheeler went on to say that CESP was a great success when it was piloted in Louisville, OH. He added that the city of Lima also participated and earned a $75,000 credit, which was used to re-light a stadium.

“All we would ask for the village is support and acknowledgement of it,” Wheeler added.

Council then heard from Rob Barkley, Senior Director of Community Affairs and Strategic Partnerships. Barkley was present to discuss electric aggregation, a program which has been adopted recently by several local communities including Scio, Mingo Junction and Yorkville.

Electric aggregation allows municipalities and counties to purchase electricity on behalf of residential and small-business utility customers living within their borders. The collective bargaining power is used to negotiate lower electricity costs. Cadiz already has a similar aggregation program in place for natural gas.

There are two options to implement electric aggregation. Opt-in is not required to be put on the ballot, but residents must specify that they want to be included. Opt-out does require a passing vote on the ballot, and residents must specify that they want to be left out of the program.

Wheeler and Barkley left information on both topics for council to consider.

Other items on the agenda included the passage of one ordinance and the first reading for several others. Council enacted an ordinance to re-designate the Cadiz Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) as the village agent and authorize the mayor and clerk/treasurer to sign an agreement with the CIC regarding the purpose of selling real estate.

Council also approved a Tag Day for the Harrison Central Jr. High Cheerleaders on August 1 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The next council meeting will be August 7 at 7 p.m.

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