Commissioners handle issues

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County commissioners addressed several ongoing issues during their meeting Tuesday.

Richard Hord inquired about the state of the county land bank. Commissioner Matt Coffland informed him that plans were proceeding on schedule, with the final preparations underway to apply for a grant of $500,000. The commissioners had agreed last week to fund the land bank with $100,000 with a possible additional $50,000 to demonstrate stability and commitment. The deadline for the application is Thursday.

There are more than 100 properties that would qualify for the land bank’s attention. A timetable for demolition will be determined should the grant be approved. Commissioner Mark Thomas noted that the land bank has the potential to benefit cities and townships as well as schools, which receive 65 percent of the properties tax.

He also noted the progress of the Ohio Means Jobs one stop and inquired if there might be an update. Coffland said the commissioners would look into the possibility and added that the Martins Ferry location was a rich source of information concerning employment opportunities.

Commissioners authorized the termination of Roberta Brandon, based on the recommendation of Human Resources Manager Michael Kinter, and the employee’s supervisor, based on Brandon’s failure to respond to progressive discipline. The motion is in accordance with the bargaining unit contract. She was terminated as of that day.

Commissioners received bids for furnishing and delivering materials for the Bethesda/Noon Road 16-inch waterline project. Bids were turned over to the director of Sanitary Sewer District for review.

Commissioners approved a satisfaction of mortgage by separate instrument for Rhonda Lucas for an April 15, 1998 mortgage for a CHIP grant recipient. The lien has been satisfied.

Commissioners will advertise for bids for the Pipe Creek and bridge replacement project. Funding is 74 percent OPWC, 26 percent MVGT.

Commissioners approved the renewal of the contract between the county child support enforcement agency and the juvenile court, effective July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 for a total of $71,333.73. A total of 66 percent is federal funds and 34 percent is the local share. The contract provides funding for the Juvenile Court magistrate.

Commissioners approved an amendment to the Jan. 30, 2013 contract between DJFS and the Jefferson County Community Action Council, for the Business Resource Network, to extend the contract for the first of two additional program years, July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015. This also maintains the ability to extend the contract for the second additional program year through June 30, 2016. No change in funding.

Commissioners awarded the bid for furnishing three new four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles and one new compact sedan for DJFS to the low bidder, Whiteside Chevrolet, for $83,592.85.

Commissioners approved time and materials estimate of $10,000 from Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal for roof repairs excluding wood replacement at the Oakview Administration Building/Records Center.

Commissioners approved the transfer of $937,026.47 between the General Fund and the N37 Capital Projects/I-70 Mall Interchange Project Fund.

Commissioners motioned to enter into 14 roadway use maintenance agreements for pipeline and compressor projects and infrastructure with Regency Utica Gas Gathering, LLC, for traffic necessary for the purpose of constructing pipeline facilities, with blanket bonds of $2 million.

These are for the use of 1.721 miles of Country Road 56, or Cats Run Road, including the two county bridges; 1.503 miles of County Road 56, or Mt. Victory Road; 0.274 miles of County Road 7; 7.478 miles of County Road 48, or Wegee Road, including the county bridges; 2.001 miles of County Road 54, or Pipe Creek Road, including the bridge; Township Road 476, including the county bridge; 0.443 miles of County Road 28, or Banfield Road; Rehm Road, including the county bridge; 0.900 miles of County Road 4, or Sandy Hill Road, including the county bridge; 1.374 miles of County Road 4, or Colerain Pike, including the county bridges; 0.161 miles of County Road 10, or Barton Blaine Road; 0.963 miles of County Road 14, or Farmington Road, including the county bridge; 1.098 miles of County Road 18, or Chermont Road; and Vickers Road, including the county bridge.

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