Council receives donation from park board

BRIDGEPORT – The village park board has made a donation to the village to help with the paving of the road to Gould Park.

The announcement was made at Tuesday’s village council meeting.

Norma Teasdale, park board president, said that the board would donate $2,000 so that the road could be paved. Teasdale also stated that the board would like to take over the reservations for the park, rather then have the mayor’s office do it.

There have also been several other changes , such as updating the playgrounds. Also present from the park board was Said Laghlid, park board vice president.

Mayor John Callarik addressed the village’s alleys.

“The village owns the alleys and if the trees and bushes are not trimmed and hanging over into the alley, the village has the right to cut them,” said Callarik.

Police Chief Andrew Klotz stated that the department did receive an amount from the insurance company after the Crown Vic police cruiser was totaled in an accident. The village officer was not at fault. The Bridgeport Police Department currently has three vehicles – the Charger, the Expedition and the K-9 unit.

Klotz said he is looking at an all-wheel drive vehicle that is also considered a pursuit vehicle.

Klotz also added that the department is in need of officers.

“We need part-time officers. We are not able to put enough on,” said Klotz.

Right now, there are four full-time officers and three part-time officers. Most of the part-time officers work at other departments. Klotz is hoping they can find two or three part-time officers.

Council also passed the budget for 2015 and two ordinances. One stating that fiscal officer Agnes Hess has permission to transfer funds and the second one stating that she can work 40 or more hours a week, rather then her 20 hours a week. Her rate of pay will remain the same.

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