County fair holds livestock sale

CADIZ – The Harrison County Junior Fair livestock sale held Friday saw livestock sold at high prices.

The first excitement of the sale was the back and forth bidding for the grand champion pen of three market rabbits raised by Zack Stubblefield of Tri-County Showstoppers 4-H Club.

Matthew Puskarich had the winning bid at $1,350, up from the $500 bid of 2013.

The auction was conducted by Bill Host

“I have purchased rabbits before but never at that high a price,” Puskarich said.

Bailey Eberhart, a New Rumley 4-H and Harrison FFA member, had the grand champion market rabbits that were purchased for $1,000 by Gateway Royalty.

Lois Wright, Country Cousins 4-H Club adviser, made a donation to raise all sales under $400 up to that level. This included five 4-H members.

“I would rather do that and make five members happy than to just buy one,” she said.

Another exciting bidding match came with the grand champion market broilers of Kaci Carter, a Tri-County showstoppers and Harrison FFA member. The price of $1,200 in 2013 seemed high, but bidders Darrin Young, D&E Electric of Cadiz and Mike Toland of Toland Trucking of Piedmont, brought it to a new level with a $2,000 bid.

Callie Eberhart, Germano Community member and fair queen, had the reserve champion chickens purchased for $975 by Chesapeake Energy.

There were 31 4-H members taking dairy projects and selling baskets filled with cheeses, sour cream, cream cheese, wafer ice cream cones, cans of whipped cream, homemade caramels, chocolate bars, ice cream toppings and a certificate for $10 worth of dairy products, along with household items, jewelry and food products.

The highest price for a basket last year was $675, while it was $1,200 this year for Roni Caldwell, a Germano Community 4-H member in her last year. D&J Sales was the buyer.

There were two buyers at $1,100 – Carley Rogers of Green Valley 4-H, with Trudy Rogers and Melinda Stewart, Sunnydale Farms, buyers. Two $1,000 buyers were Charles Merryman for the basket of Forrest Scott and Apex Resources for the basket of Addie Caldwell, Germano Community.

Westin Fogle, a Royal Riders 4-H member, had a number of livestock in the sale but his 38-pound market turkey was the grand champion, selling for $1,000 to Gateway Royalty. The high price in 2013 was $625.

Joyce Barr, a Cadiz Ranchers and Harrison FFA member, had the reserve champion market turkey weighing 33 pounds. The buyer was Jack and Richard McCoy of Ormes Hardware at $975.

The grand champion market lamb sold for $16 per pound last year and the reserve for $17 per pound. This year the grand champ, raised by Shannon Compher of the New Rumley 4-H Club, weighing 136 pounds, was purchased by Gateway Royalty at $29 per pound.

The reserve champion, raised by Jalyn Jones of the Green Valley 4-H Club and Harrison FFA and weighing 142 pounds, was purchased by Adrian Pincola at $16 per pound.

Market hogs went at better prices than in 2013. The grand champion hog raised by Tristan Arnold, a Tri-County Showstoppers member, weighed 256 pounds was purchased by TJ Gas and Go of Freeport at $12.50 per pound. The 2013 price for the reserve was $11 per pound but Stephanie Birney of Hopedale Town and Country 4-H received $15 from Eclipse Resources.

The market ducks were down from last year when a $1,000 record was set by Jack and Rich McCoy. Chesapeake Energy was the buyer of the pen of two ducks raised by Mark Marchetta, a Liberty Trails member, at $650. Westin Fogle had the reserve champions that were purchased by Eclipse Resources at $700.

Auctioneers were Bill Host, Steve Birney, John Birney, Daryl Watkins and Wayne Falb.

Baseball caps were presented to all buyers from L&D Sales and Service. Banners were donated by Freeport Press and D&E Electric.

A dinner was held for the buyers and cold drinks and snacks were distributed throughout the sale.