Flushing council eyes meters, renewal levy

FLUSHING – Proposed water meters and a 5 mill renewal levy for the fire department drew attention at this month’s meeting of Flushing Village Council.

Village Administrator Jody Vancuren reported he had checked about prices for meters, and the village would need about 553 meters.

The cost for the meters alone would be $110,600 if they were installed by village workers.

If a decision is made to purchase the meters, it would be possible for them to be read outside, and water customers would be billed every month for overages rather than every three months.

The village has been approved for an Ohio Department of Agriculture loan for meters.

Vancuren said a decision about the meters needs to be made as soon as possible because when the loan money is gone, it’s gone.

After Mayor Barbara Bashline read a resolution for the proposed renewal of a 5 mill levy for the fire department, council took action so the proposed levy will be submitted to the board of elections for placement on the November ballot.

Randy Thompson of the Christian Church was present again about the overflowing drain adversely affecting the church.

Vancuren reported he had checked out the problem, and the drain is below the problem area. The asphalt is higher so it might be necessary to cut out the asphalt and reasphalt that area. He added what would solve the problem is to take out and redo the sidewalk.

Thompson indicated he would take this matter back for discussion with the church elders.

Lori Mann, representing the Flushing Volunteer Fire Department, attended the meeting in regard to the department’s first half of the 2014 fire levy. Council approved a motion for the fiscal officer to disperse the funds.

Mann reported the fire department will have an open house luncheon Aug. 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and people can spend the afternoon with the firefighters and emergency medical technicians and see what’s new with the department and also find out how to become a member.

A concession stand will be open during the event, and it will feature hot chicken sandwiches, sloppy joes, hot dogs, macaroni and pasta salads, desserts and beverages. Other activities are planned, and the Judy Vincenzo Foundation will be represented.

Officials discussed plans for a special meeting slated July 24 at 6:30 p.m. Fiscal Officer Jeryl McGaffick will give a finance report, and council will focus on streets and alleys, water and sewer matters, and legal matters.

Aaron Twarog, who has a mobile home on High Street, reported that getting into his driveway is a problem as water from a drain is running onto his property.

Water from the sidewalk flows onto the driveway. He said there is a problem with the curb which is in bad condition because of semis and other large vehicles, causing water to go down the driveway and also affecting a neighbor’s property.

He said to get off the street onto his property is almost a foot drop.

Councilman Tom Bober indicated work definitely is needed regarding the curb.

Vancuren, who said he would check over the situation, suggested it would be a good idea to add another drain in the sidewalk area.

Mayor Bashline reported the budget is done, and a motion was approved to submit it to the county.

Officer Don Collette said everything went off great for Heritage Days, and there was good help from the fire department.

He also reported 20 letters had been sent out about junked cars.

It was noted Lash Excavating and Paving has paved Spring Street.

Mayor Bashline and Councilman Bober both pointed out the need for council to have committee meetings.

Vancuren said a couple of waterline breaks on outside lines occurred and were repaired.