Government Center lawn gets new look

CADIZ – A renovation of the landscaping outside the Harrison County Government Center has been completed. The project was started last week by Jones Landscaping Enterprises, of Cadiz.

Previously, the landscaping at the building was unkempt and unappealing. Large bushes were dying, while the flowerbed areas were full of stones and unmulched. Jones Landscaping removed all the plants that were not flourishing and installed large new flowerbeds. The results are hugely noticeable.

“Jones Landscaping did a really great job,” said Leslie Milliken, Clerk of Courts and Title Office. “It was overdue and we’re tickled pink that it turned out as nice as it did.”

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Title Office is located at the front of the building, making it the face of the Government Center. It also means the BMV/Title Office is closest to the new landscaping.

The Government Center, located at 538 North Main Street, was formerly the headquarters for R & F Coal. It was purchased by the county in 2002, and it currently houses many offices that were previously located at the courthouse or scattered elsewhere in the village. These include the Child Support Enforcement Agency, Health Department, OSU Extension, Soil & Water Conservation District, Emergency Management Agency, the Board of Elections and the Community Improvement Corporation.

One other improvement is still in the works for the Government Center. The leaky roof, which has deteriorated due to roof-mounted air-conditioning units, will soon be repaired. New money coming in from gas and oil operators will allow the county to fund the rubber, steel and plastic-coated roof, which will cost an estimated $38,000.

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