Jamboree in the Hills comes to a close

MORRISTOWN – A strong lineup and nearly ideal weather resulted in yet another Jamboree In The Hills being deemed a huge success Sunday afternoon.

The four-day country music festival wrapped up with a huge crowd enjoying the likes of Montgomery Gentry, Neil McCoy and Diamond Rio just to name a few.

“This is the biggest ending we’ve had in about 10 or 15 years and the whole weekend just went great,” said Jamboree media coordinator Casey Tucker. “Our ticket sales were way up. Our merchandise was one of our highest numbers and everything just went really smoothly.”

Outside of some rain on Saturday, which led to some muddy areas, smooth seemed to be the word of the day around the Jamboree grounds.

“It was a really great year,” Tucker continued. “It’s hard to believe it’s over (already), but it’ll be back before we know it.”

Actually, Tucker indicated that the Jamboree staff is already beginning its planning for the 2015 event, which is slated for July 16-19.

While the concert goers were once again passionate about the show all four days, Captain Ron Everett of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department and his more than 100 officers were fairly busy, but overall it was a “pretty good week.”

“Saturday night was the worst night out of the week, but we got through it,” Everett said. “There were some fights and things.”

The cool weather not only aided the fans, but it also helped the fans remain as calm as possible, according to Everett.

“It was a good week and I think the weather had a lot to do with that,” Everett, who has been working at the Jamboree for some 30 years, said.

The medical tent had its fair share of visitors, but Stacey Trudo, who oversees the medical tent that’s provided by Ohio Valley Medical Center, called it “different” this year.

“I think the very mild weather has really changed things up for us a little bit,” Trudo said. “We had lots of cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises and still the typical alcohol-related things, but not until later in the day as compared to some years because it wasn’t as hot.”

Trudo indicated the medical area and crews had aided 327 patients through Saturday night.

“Those are people who’ve been treated here (at the medical tent), by a crew in the field or at the gate (to the medical area),” Trudo said. “That’s about average, but if it’s a really hot year, those numbers go up significantly.”

As the remaining campers pull out today, the clean-up crews will move in. Operations director Scott Hall-Jones indicated that the clean-up will take most of the week to complete.

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