Jefferson court totals released

THE Jefferson County Clerk of Courts Office collected a grand total of $742,838 86 in fees and taxes in June, according to a report issued by John A Corrigan, clerk. A total of $697,435.50 was for the state and $45,403.36 for the county.

Total vehicle fees and taxes amounted to $702,318.85. The state share was $677,355.25 and the county, $24,963.60. Miscellaneous fees totaled $17,659.05 and water craft fees, $530.71.

New cases filed in June are as follows: Civil, 38; Domestic, 22; Criminal 9, Court of Appeals, 4; Certificates of Judgment, 50; Ohio Dept. of Taxation, 77; Miscellaneous, 37; and Notaries, 19.

Clerk fees paid into the county legal department totaled $9,487.49., Interest paid was $2.75.

The Rayland office processed 839 titles in June. License plate revenue totaled $574.50. Passports processed totaled 40 and the revenue amounted to $1,000.

The courthouse title office processed 50 passports and the revenue amounted to $1,250. Courthouse license plate revenue totaled $1,843.25 and the total auto title fees paid was $44,616.13.

Total revenue paid into the county was $47,033.88. Total titles for the county was 3.432.