Monroe commissioners eye facilities figures, budget

WOODSFIELD – Figures related to proposed correctional facilities in Monroe County as well as the 2015 budget were eyed Monday by the Monroe County commissioners.

Joe Robertson of Ross Sinclaire Associates presented correctional facilities financing scenarios regarding three different sizes. A 52-bed facility would cost $6 million; 88-bed facility, $7.2 million; and a 112-bed facility, $8 million. Commissioners decided to scrap the 52-bed facility and to consider only the two larger ones.

Rebecca Princehorn of Bricker and Eckler LLC, a Columbus law firm, spoke about the legal debt capacity when the larger facilities were discussed. She explained this procedure would move forward after all decisions are made in regard to the size and location of the proposed facilities.

Bricker and Eckler serves as business advisers for businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, health care facilities, school districts, municipalities and individuals.

Ross Sinclaire Associates is a full-service investment banking, securities brokerage and asset management firm.

Also present for the discussion related to the proposed jail facilities during the commissioners’ meeting were Sheriff Charles R. Black Jr. and Prosecuting Attorney James L. Peters.

During a public hearing on the 2015 tax budget, Jeanette Harter presented figures related to the upcoming year as well as for 2014.

General fund requests from department heads total $5,947,112.78, and the general fund estimate for the coming year is $5,282,625.20.

Other fund requests amount to $16,342,688.32. The revenue estimate for other funds exceeds $15.5 million.

Approved as the original figure for the general fund for 2014 was $5,525,838.85.

In other matters, Greg Jadwin of Air Evac who attended a previous meeting with a proposal for a county-wide program for air evacuation was present Monday, and he explained the cost of an air evac program for all of Monroe County would be $74,401.

Commissioners decided they were not in a financial position at present to participate in the program.

As recommended by County Engineer Lonnie Tustin, commissioners took action for paving work on Monroe 2 and 39 to be done by Lash Construction, Colerain, whose bid totaled $535,734.05. Two bids had been opened at a previous meeting, and they were taken under advisement by Tustin.

The other bid was from Shelly and Sands, Rayland, and it amounted to $549,863.10. Estimate for the paving was $550,005.30.

Two executive sessions were held during Monday’s meeting with no action being taken after either in regard to the subjects discussed. One session had been requested by David Kuhn of the Monroe County Emergency Medical Services Association in regard to personnel, and Sheriff Black had asked for a session concerning confidentiality.