St. Clairsville native publishes novel

FRANKIE J. BERARDI, a 2014 graduate of St. Clairsville High School, has written a novel which has been published and is available at and

He describes himself as a “teenager preparing to attend The Ohio State University. However he is more than that. He gives his time and talents to his community and to those who need assistance. And he enjoys writing.

The title of Frankie’s 130,000 word psychologial thriller is Voice.

It is about Ben Zyler whose playboy lifestyle quickly changes when the state of Nevada charges him with a crime he did not commit. At once he is thrust into the midst of an elaborate puzzle to clear his name and discover his enemy.

As he battles the law, himself and the unseen his plight becomes personal when a mysterious phone call arrives. At once, he and his girlfriend’s lives are threatened. The conspirator however, is faceless and unknown. It is simply a Voice.

The Voice is an unseen being whose pleasure comes from physical and psychologial torment. It has a cruel sense of humor and a sinister expression of creativity. Pulling Ben and his closest companions deeper into a labrynth of mental struggles, it tests human strength and challenges moral convictions. As Ben is ripped away from the edge of sanity, he is left only two questions: Who is the voice, and what does it want?.

Frankie’s grandparent, Carole and Enrique Macias. described Frankie’s book as “an amazing high drama mystery thriller and a real ‘page turner.’ ” Carole said she and Enrique were anxious to finish reading it just to see what happened.”It was a style different for us, but a novel we truly enjoyed.”

In addition to writing, Frankie has studied karate, played piano and became an Eagle Scout. He actively volunteers in the St. Clairsville community and is a leader in the local Boy Scout Troop.

Recreationally, he avidly seeks to broaden his culture and has studied a total of five languages. He has interned under a federal judge where he has worked with court opinions and observed legal counsel. He has been politically active, having contributed to the races of five politicians, worked on a recent presidential campaign and interned for a national organization.

After studying journalism for three years, Frankie has expanded his interest to begin submitting articles to the local newspaper. Along with his passion for the written word, he enjoys public speaking and performance and has given countless open orations. Each has been praised for its eloquence and strong deliverance.

Having been hand-selected to attend a series of national leadership conferences, Frankie has demonstrated continued ability in formal communications. On numerous occasions, he has attended international performing arts and creativity competitions.

Continuing to remain involved in his town, Frankie volunteers to do cleanup work, food and tutoring services He tries to preserve the cleanliness of the area, while helping students achieve their greatest potential.

Frankie dedicates the book to his Mother and Father, Teri and Joey Berardi and to h is two younger brothers. “To my mother and father whose selfless love and unconditional support have guided me through my greatest struggles. And for my brothers, Mikey and Johnny – thank you.”

People are encouraged to follow Frankie on Twitter @FJB_Voice and Instagram at fjberardi. “I encourage everyone to check out my blog at to read an except and get in post critiques of the book.”