Students dedicate time to historic restoration project

ST.?CLAIRSVILLE Students in the Belmont College’s Building Preservation/Restoration program are currently working on a local restoration project for their Community Field Lab class.

The project includes the restoration of two large wood doors that once belonged to the Bayha Bakery, which was located at 1161 Main St. in Wheeling. The doors are of Gothic design and at one time formed the carriage entrance to the inner court of the building which was built in 1852 by Gottlieb and Jacob Bayha. While the bakery building has since been torn down, the doors were saved and have been in cold storage for decades.

According to Instructor Cathie Senter, “The students have photo-documented the doors and their condition; future preservationists will appreciate that information. Additionally, the hardware has been removed as well as all the paint and shellac down to the bare wood.”

She went on to say “Several moldings and panels are beyond repair so the students will be replicating those pieces from local old growth wood. Once all the repairs are complete, the students will prime, paint and re-install the hardware.”

Once the restoration work is complete, the doors will be reused in a public park display in Wheeling. The park is a project conceived by the Design Committee of Downtown Wheeling Inc. The students involved in the project are as follows:

Drew Barbour (Martins Ferry)

Brad Eisenhauer (Martins Ferry)

Sarah Fitzpatrick (Elm Grove)

Saminda Francis (Shadyside)

Brianna Hummel (St. Clairsville)

Kierstin Lucas (Barnesville)

Wes Miller (St. Clairsville)

Adam Sellers (Barnesville)

Jennifer Shinkle (Woodsfield)