Upcoming road work

— OHIO COUNTY – The West Virginia Department of Highways advises that Ramp 2A, the on ramp from US 40 westbound to I-70 westbound (near Perkins), in Ohio County will be closed to traffic on Monday, July 21 through Thursday, July 24. The closure will be from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., and is necessary to allow crews to perform bridge inspection work. Traffic should use US 40 eastbound to I-70 eastbound to Exit 2B at Washington Avenue, then back to I-70 westbound.

Also effective Friday, July 25, Ramp B, the on ramp from US 250 northbound to I-470 East in Ohio County, will be closed, from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., and is necessary to perform bridge inspection work on the ramp.Motorists are advised to use US 250 northbound, to I-470 westbound, to Ohio 7, and back to I-470 Eastbound.

Motorists advised to allow extra time for alternate routes.

Inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances could change the project schedule.

— THERE will be a one-day I-70 entrance ramp closure that will affect US 250 northbound traffic traveling eastbound on I-70, according to an announcement by the West Virginia Division of Highways.

The purose of the ramp closure is to alleviate traffic congestion and sudden lane changes at the I-70 bridge, deck, reconstruction projecf over Wheelng Crek at the Mt. De Chantal (Perkins Restaurant), exit.

Beginning 6 p.m on Sunday and continuing until 6 p.m. on Monday, while the I-70 eastbound bridge approach slabs are being paved, norhtbound traffic on US 250 wishing to travel east on I-70 will be directed to detour by using the 18th Street exit ramp and Market Street to the I-70 eastbound entrance ramp at Wheeling Tunnel. Detour signs will be posted.

Northbound US 250 motoriss are advised to watch for changing traffic patterns as well as for informational signage when aproaching the 18th Street exit ramp.

— THE entrance ramp from the Washington Avenue Bridge to I-70 eastbound will be closed beginning Sunday from 7 p.m. untl 6 a.m. and continuing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the time indicated. The closure is necessary to allow the contractor to mill the old pavement surface and resurface the ramp .Motorists should use Exit 2A westbound to re-enter I-70 eastbound. Signs will be posted.