Warren Township trustees discuss burned house

TILTONSVILLE – Problems related to a house destroyed by fire on Jefferson 15 were explained at a recent meeting of the Warren Township trustees at the township building, Tiltonsville.

A resident reported he is trying to find the owner of the burned house which is near his home. The resident said the burned structure has no floors, trees need to be removed, and coyotes are killing animals in that area.

The health department, according to the resident, was at the burned house a year ago and said it needed to be torn down.

The resident said he recently had been to the health department, Jefferson County mapping department and the prosecuting attorney’s office, and he had been told to go to the township trustees for help.

Trustee Danny Meeker told the resident that the trustees are responsible only for roads and cemeteries, and all the trustees can do is to call the health department, which is following the same route taken by the resident.

In other matters, Bill Hetrick of the Kinder Morgan Utility Co. told trustees about the proposed pipeline route north of Warren Township.

Hetrick explained various types of surveys needed to be done, and he will return to a later meeting of the trustees when he has more information.

Trustees approved a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission, authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor.

Clerk Bob Fetty reported the Yorkville, Tiltonsville and Rayland volunteer fire departments had returned fire contracts and other items needed by the township.

Road Foreman Steve Kurucz reported two culverts need to be installed on Dallas Road, but first, a call has to be made about underground wires.

He also said the dump truck was taken to Stoney Hollow for front-end alignment.

Hot patching is being done on township roads, and grass cutting in all three township cemeteries was done for the Fourth of July, according to Kurucz. He said a tree which had been blown down by high winds had been removed from Gerke Road.

Reporting on an Ohio Township Association meeting in Columbus, trustee Frank Litva told of efforts to get money for townships from gas drilling companies, but only townships in which drilling is done will benefit.

He also said the state eventually will want the townships online.

Litva also said he couldn’t convince the Jefferson County commissioners that they are responsible for Glen Robbins Park.

He urged Glen Robbins residents to call the commissioners.

The trustees’ next regular meeting will be Aug. 13 at 7 p.m.