Weaver family aids Bridgeport students

BRIDGEPORT – A newly inducted member of the Bridgeport High School Alumni Hall of Fame and his family, along with members of his graduating class, have combined their resources to collect $850 that will benefit two high school students in the district for years to come.

Bob Weaver, who has worn many hats and held various titles during his decades as a Bulldog backer, presented the Bridgeport Exempted Village School District Board of Education with a pair of checks during its meeting last Monday night. The first totalled $250 and came from Weaver’s family. The second, for $600, was gathered from various members of the the Class of 1962.

The funds will be placed in the I-Pad Initiative Fund started earlier this summer by the five-member board and Superintendent Ted Downing. The program will attempt to put an I-Pad in every high school student’s hands in the upcoming school year.

“There have been 13 members of my family that have graduated from Bridgeport High School,” Weaver explained, adding that number includes two sisters, a brother, nieces and nephews and two grandchildren. “We got together and came up with $250. I then sent out emails to my classmates that I had them for, and about 12 or 13 responded with donations.”

Knowing that he was going to become a member of the Alumni Hall of Fame, the long-time Brookside barber and historian wanted to give back to the school district.

“I’m on the (I-Pad Initiative) advisory board for Mr. Downing,” Weaver said. “When he presented the idea of community members possibly helping out with the program to the board, I thought it would be a good gesture to show my gratitude and appreciation for the honor.”

The check presentations, which were accepted by board of education president and Alumni Man of the Year, Roger Stewart, didn’t surprise Downing one bit.

“It just goes to show what type of man Bob is and what type of family he has,” Downing praised. “This was very unselfish on his and their parts. I can’t say enough about the man. He is a tremendous asset to the community and school district for all he does for both.”

Downing said that the donations will help two students receive I-Pads.

“They will be able to take them home and use them at school, but they won’t be allowed to download their own stuff on them,” Downing and Stewart noted.

According to Downing, the just-instituted program is on track.

“The last I heard, there were about 85 percent of the students that either already had their own or plan on purchasing them,” he revealed. “I’m pleased with that number so far. I think it will go higher though once the school year nears.”

Downing said he, and the board, knows that not all the high school students will be able to afford an I-Pad for one reason or another, but if the district can continue to received donations like this, it will help the cause.

“If we can get more people like Bob, his family and former classmates to donate, then, hopefully, every student will have one they can use,” Downing said.

A challenge has been issued by Weaver to any individual, group, graduating class or anyone that would like to make a donation to the I-Pad Initiative.

For more information, contact Downing at (740) 635-0853 or Weaver’s Barber Shop on National Road in Brookside.

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