Building improvements discussed among JVS board members

STEUBENVILLE — Continuing technical and building improvements at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School were discussed during Tuesday’s board meeting.
Todd Phillipson, district superintendent, said improvements to the roof and upgrading of equipment are the main priorities for when students begin school next week.
“We’re finishing the roof,” said Phillipson, adding needed repairs on one section are near completion. “(Roof repairs) will be ready for when school begins.”
Phillipson also said the board agreed to upgrade the school’s public address system and school clocks.
“I believe the PA system is the original, and it’s antiquated,” he said. “The clocks’ LEDs have faded over time. This is something we’ve been trying to do for 15 years, and now we’re able to do it.”
Phillipson previously said the building’s roof will be replaced in sections over time as not to disrupt school activities.
“In the multi-media class we updated computers with an Apple iMac system and another program called Final Cut that allows students to (manipulate) video,” said the superintendent.
The school already had purchased $181,000 worth of upgrades for its welding lab, and during Tuesday’s meeting the board agreed to spend another $13,045 in electrical upgrades to accommodate the new machinery, said Phillipson.
In other matters:
? The board agreed to hire Steve Orwick as new carpentry instructor.
“He was with us before, and he left two years ago to go work in the industry,” said Phillipson. “There was an opening, and he decided to come back.”
? The board also discussed offering adult education courses related to the shale industry. No decision has been made.
? The board accepted a $41,693 grant from the Small Rural Schools Achievement Program Grant.
? “We use those funds for technology upgrades,” said Phillipson, adding the school has successfully received the grant for several years.

Wayne National Forest
gets ODNR?proposal
THE WAYNE National Forest has received a proposal from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resource Management, to enhance an existing wetland in the Big Four watershed.
There is an initial public comment period called “scoping,” and the public is being provided with specific information on the proposed action. Officials are inviting the public to send their ideas and concerns to let them know of any significant issues that the pubic feels should be considered.
In 2003, an environmental assessment was conducted to analyze proposed work in Big Four Hollow to deal with acid mine drainage contamination from acid seeps which affects Monday Creek.
Work that was done in 2003-04 included construction of a limestone leach bed and limestone channels and reconstruction of blocked drainages to allow positive flow of water. Due to the limited success of the original features to counteract the ongoing acid mine drainage generation from Big Four Hollow, the DMRM has proposed additional work to provide supplementary alkalinity to this tributary.

The work would consist of creating 2.4 acres of aerobic wetlands located on the Athens Ranger District, Hocking County.Ward Township, Sections 14 and 15.
The DMRM has proposed installing two limetone berms and one earthen berm with a rock spillway across the valley to prevent steam channelization while increasing retention times. The earthen berm wetland will be deeper in order to increase retention times and allow for metal storage, while the limesone berm wetlands will act as polishing wetlands that are shallower and planted with wetland vegetation.
These wetland cells will combine to promote the settling and absorption of metals in the wetlands rather than being transported downstream to Monday Creek.,
It is estimated the work will impact less than three acres. All construction work will be done in a manner that will minimize disturbance to surrounding vegetation and the project area will be closed to public motorized access upon completion of the project,
Public comments should be made to Pamela Stachler, 13700 US H ighway 33, Nelsonville, Ohio, 45764-9880. State that the comments are in reference to the scoping period for the Big Four Wetland Enhancement project.Comments should be submitted by Sept. 2. Include your name, current physical mailing address, phone number and signature or other verification of identity with your comment.
You may also discuss the project by calling (740) 753-0101 or 800-877-8339 TTY during business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Comments can be submitted electronically to <
Information about this and other projects being developed and analyzed can be found online at the wayne’s web page: