Cheerleaders rewarded for job well done

DILLONVALE – The Young Buckeye Cheerleaders undoubtedly have learned it literally pays to do a job well.

During a recent Dillonvale Village Council meeting, the recreation committee reported the cheerleading group held a quarter auction fund-raiser in the gym and did a lot of cleaning after the event.

Council then unanimously approved a motion to give the cheerleaders a $50 clean-up discount on the customary clean-up fee of $120 for an all-day event.

Several upcoming meetings and approval of two resolutions under the suspension of rules also drew attention at the session.

Action was taken to amend the annual appropriation ordinance due to additional resources received.

The other resolution was to approve the Jefferson County 2013 Hazard Mitigation Plan.

A letter was received from the Ohio Municipal League about a meeting planned Sept. 4 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Eastern Gateway Community College to discuss House Bill 5 in regard to reforming the municipal tax. Dillonvale doesn’t have a municipal tax, but Mayor Michelle Dulesky plans to attend to hear about tax concerns concerning the future of Ohio’s municipalities.

Clerk-Treasurer Danene Hutkay was appointed to attend a certified public records training session Nov. 7 in Tiltonsville. She was named as the designee to represent council and Mayor Dulesky. Also planning to attend is Patti Ignace, mayor’s court clerk.

Councilwoman Trisha Painter said she had been contacted to pass along information about a proposed 42-inch pipeline to be located in Jefferson County. The ET Rover Pipeline is interested in placing the pipeline in the area, beginning late next year, and a company representative will be at the Jefferson County Township Association’s corn roast tonight at 6 at Aladdin Land, Kenwood Road, Bloomingdale. The mayor indicated she would try to attend in order to obtain further information.

In other matters, the senior citizens’ center committee reported there has been an expressed interest in the purchase of the Dahar sign. No action was taken in that regard.

A bulletin was received from the auditor of state, noting that office will continue to issue findings to public entities when public funds are used to purchase alcoholic beverages; however, a limited exception to this policy will be recognized when alcoholic beverages are purchased only for resale such as at a festival, community event or similar activity, pursuant to a valid permit issued by the Division of Liquor Control.

Kelly Bauknecht, a council member representing the beautification committee, submitted a list to the clerk concerning high grass and weeds on village properties. Some properties were discussed, and it was noted that in regard to one of them, if the property is not in compliance by Aug. 31, another set of pictures will be taken, and the problem will be addressed at the next council meeting.

Attorney Michelle Miller informed council by letter that she is resigning her post of handling traffic violations for Dillonvale mayor’s court in the Jefferson County District III Court because of starting her term as Jefferson County Common Pleas Court judge, effective Jan. 1.

Police Chief Brian Driscoll noted he would check to see if anyone is interested in the post; then, the clerk would send a letter to any interested person.

The police committee reported a safety recall notice had been received from the Ford Motor Co. for the righthand halfshaft on the 2013 police interceptor cruiser. When all the parts are in, Bauknecht is taking the cruiser to the Ford dealer. Other problems related to the car were discussed, and Dulesky is letting the dealer know of the situation.

It was noted the police department has four keys to the 2013 cruiser with one key going to chief, one to the police captain, one held in the department and the other going to the clerk to be kept in her office in case of an emergency.

Council was informed that the police are finishing up their investigations regarding thefts in Dillonvale. The police advise residents to lock their vehicles and house doors. The village curfew is 10 p.m. for anyone under the age of 18 unless with an adult, and it will be enforced, according to the report.

Two prices were received concerning the two front tires needed for the garbage packer. Council decided to obtain the two tires at $400 each from Briar Ridge Auto.

The street/sanitation committee reported on July 25, the driver of the garbage packer was pulling forward to line up a dumpster, and the hood of the packer hit cement blocks over the last bay garage door at the street department building. The packer wasn’t damaged, but one row of cement blocks was damaged. Councilman Anthony Allan is checking to see if he can do the work or he is to recommend someone else to do the repairs.

According to the water committee, all fire hydrants have been painted.

Mayor’s court receipts for July totaled $330 with $232 going to the village, $20 to the computer fund, $3 to the Ohio Independent Alcohol Fund and $75 to the state.