Commissioners fail to receive bids for salt

ADIZ – An attempt to solicit bids for road salt came up empty after the Harrison County Commission held a bid opening for salt for the 2014-2015 fiscal year Wednesday, and though three companies responded, no bids were received.

Letters were returned from three companies informing the county that they could not provide pricing at this time. The companies were Morton, American Rock Salt and North American.

Last year the county purchased salt from primary supplier Morton, the price was $42 per ton.

“We have to put calls in to see what the situation is,” Doug Crabtree, business service officer for the county engineer’s office stated. “It was rumored that salt was going to be an issue this year.”

Crabtree said that Tuscarawas County had also received no bids, “The issue last year was not supply, it was getting the salt delivered, so I am not sure what the issue is this year.”

“This is August,” said Commission Chair Dale Norris. “Maybe we can resubmit the request for bids and get some responses in early October.”

“It is troubling that we got no bids,” commissioner Don Bethel expressed concerns over limited availability driving up costs for the county. “Salt pricing might be a serious issue this winter.”

Crabtree also asked that the board pass Agreement 62-14, a Road Use and Maintenance agreement with Cardinal Gas LLC for 1.8 mi. of Harrison 55, 0.5 mi. of Harrison 502, 1.5 mi. of Harrison 45, 2.5 mi. of Harrison 60, 2,6 mi. of Harrison 21, 9,3 mi. of Harrison 21 (Rock St.), 6.7 mi. of Harrison 2, 0.4 mi. of Harrison 2 (Main St.) and 1.4 mi. of Harrison 54 in Cadiz, Franklin, Nottingham and Stock townships. The agreement was passed after Norris commented, “AEP, Utica and Ohio Gathering all have overlapping agreements on those roads, we expect this company to be part of the planned improvements to the roads outlined in the earlier engineering studies.”

Crabtree also asked that the commission give the Engineer’s Office permission to solicit bids for materials pertaining to the Stumptown Road project. Crabtree said that all bids would be opened Sept. 3.

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