Council discusses parking issues

SHADYSIDE – Beth Maskivish, manager of Huntington Bank in Shadyside, approached village council during Monday’s meeting about the possibility of placing a 15-minute parking sign on West 41st Street.

Maskivish stated that cars have been known to sit on the street in front of Huntington Bank, adding that most drivers can not see to get out. She noted that often times the cars will set there for months at a time.

Patrons of Huntington Bank have called the main office to complain about the issue.

Chase Bank, located on West 40th Street, has also had the same issue with cars parking on the street and taking spots that the elderly and handicap could use. The issue was mentioned at council’s last meeting.

A motion was made to bring in legislation at the next meeting.

Shadyside Local School District Superintendent and High School Principal John Haswell and Board of Education member Dom DeFelice approached council about the timeline for the Loop Project. The school uses fiber optic wires for Omeresa, needed for their grades and email. Those lines connect the three schools.

“We can’t operate without them,” said Haswell.

Mayor Bob Newhart stated that council needs to set up a meeting with Danny Popp, who is the architect in charge of the project.

The village is looking for part-time employees for the street department. They will receive minimum wage and 30 hours a week.

On Friday, Aug. 15, the pool will have an end of the year party starting at 6 p.m. with refreshments. A movie will follow.

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