Flushing council seeks loan for water meters

FLUSHING Village Council decided at its August meeting to obtain a government loan to replace water meters for the village’s customers.

Village Administrator Jody Vancuren said officials had until October to decide about the loan, and he then noted the village is losing 23-24 percent of its water a year, and that comes out to about $30,000 a year in water. He suggested the loan be obtained, noting after a while, it would pay for itself with all customers having new meters.

Vancuren also said if he and another village employee would install eight meters a day, it would take five months for all of the new meters to be installed so he suggested getting outside help to speed up the process.

In addition to deciding to obtain the government loan at 2 percent for 20 years, council approved a motion to go with Vancuren’s suggestion and to hire an individual as a part-time village employee working 30 hours a week.

During the July meeting of village council, it was noted 553 meters would be needed, and the cost would be $110,600 if installed by village workers. With the new meters, the readings can be done from outside, and customers will be billed every month for overages rather than every three months.

Vancuren also mentioned the dual system which alternates at the sewage plant, noting one of the two is down, and there’s not been success in repairing it.

The village administrator reported the two youths from the summer program and another summer worker now have completed their work for the summer.

In other matters, a resident voiced complaints about youths riding bicycles on sidewalks and jumping off sidewalks into traffic. He added a bicyclist had almost hit his truck.

Mayor Barbara Bashline said she had talked to the youths twice about the problem.

Complaints also were voiced by residents about attempts to enter a house and about people walking around in other peoples’ yards at night. Speeding and more bicycle complaints also were mentioned as problems.

Denny Cook, another resident, said he has seen problems in town, but he is “putting his faith in (Officer) Don Collette to work with everyone to do the best job he can with what he’s got.”

Collette said he will address the issues mentioned. He also noted many tickets have been written by the police, and he also is addressing a vandalism matter at Schuler Park.

Still another resident praised the paving work on Spring Street, adding that Bank Street needs to be paved. The resident also mentioned the poor conditions of some properties in town.

Council noted letters have been sent out about the properties, and the resident said he wanted to see some movement.

According to council, citations have been issued about junked cars.

Solicitor Christopher Gagin explained the process on dealing with junked cars and dilapidated properties.

A resident told about an odor in her home for 15 years, noting that no one could find the problem. She went on to explain that she had met with Vancuren a month ago, and he had helped out tremendously and had gotten rid of the odor.

The woman went on to say that the town is very fortunate to have Vancuren as the village administrator.