Flushing targeting oversized trucks

FLUSHING – Oversized truckloads and Flushing’s former school building drew attention at Flushing Village Council’s August meeting.

Mayor Barbara Bashline said Councilman Charles Campanizzi had done some research about oversized loads traveling through the village.

Mentioning the information he had obtained, Campanizzi talked about a possible fee schedule. He has developed a plan of suggestions regarding the oversized loads.

The councilman also said he would like to thank Ohio Department of Transportation officials Tom Johnson and Dave Schafer who provided some of the information for him.

Campanizzi said the Ohio State Highway Patrol at St. Clairsville has a two-hour free training ses sion on how to handle oversized loads. Police Officer Don Collette said he and the other village officer will take that class.

Collette said the truck issue is not going away, indicating the oversized loads probably would be a problem for five years or more. He suggested the possibility of obtaining a set of portable scales and possibly having the speed limit changed in the village.

Bashline thanked Campanizzi and others who attended the meeting.

Later in the meeting, Campanizzi mentioned the possibility of a grant from the Ohio Department of Development in regard to the former school building in the village. He added that Dillonvale had obtained such a grant and told of the time it took to demolish the Dillonvale buildings.

Campanizzi also said he had talked to Jason Clutter, who is in charge of maintenance/transportation in the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District, about matters related to grants and school demolition projects.

In other matters, Fiscal Officer Jeryl McGaffick told of two supplemental appropriations which needed approval.

Councilman John Jozwiak suggested a “no jake brake” law in the village.

A resident told council that tree limbs on a tree on village property are ready to fall on his house. As requested, he was given permission to cut the tree limbs.

Council made plans for a special meeting to discuss streeets and alleys as well as water usage. At various points in the meeting, officials talked about a meeting about finances and water usage for the Zion project.

Councilman Dale Holmes expressed appreciation for officials’ thoughtfulness when his mother died recently.