Harrison court gets SMART grant

CADIZ – Court of Common Pleas Judge T. Shawn Hervey announced to the Harrison County board of commissioners Wednesday that the court has received a second round of grant money disbursed from the SMART Ohio funding.

The judge told the board that the amount of funding had increased based on a performance evaluation of the probation department. The first disbursement was $11,000 back in May and this round was $14,150.

The judge explained that the SMART funds had allowed the probation office to expand the probation services, and allowed the purchase of a Community Corrections Vehicle and the hiring of Paul Howell to supervise the probation community service program, which has been quite successful in Hervey’s assessment.

“We would like to allay concerns about the Community Corrections Program,” Hervey said. “The numbers are good, the work is good, and we have had nothing but positive feedback from all of the work sites, in every corner of the county.”

“We have also started a pretrial release program,” Hervey said, explaining that the pretrial services allow those accused of a crime to be released on their own recognizance while providing monitoring services to assure the defendant’s appearance in court,

“This is all 100 percent funded through the SMART grant,” Hervey added.

The commissioners also met with county Community Improvement Corp. (CIC) members Dale Arbaugh and Bob Hendricks. Arbaugh presented two checks from the sale of 27 acres of county owned land to Cadiz Partners. The $315,000 was split according to terms of a previous agreement with $157,000 going to each party. The county share was split 30-20 with $94,000 going into the general fund and $63,000 into the D60 fund to pay down the CIC debt.

“This did not just fall into our laps. There is a lot of ancillary work that went into this deal,” Hendricks stated, noting the sale had been in negotiations for the last 18 months. “There were a lot of man hours and a lot of miles put in by our CIC members and the commissioners to make this happen.”

“We are bringing more business into the community with this sale,” Albaugh added. “This is a development corporation with a proven track record, and they already have five or six businesses already interested in moving in when construction is completed.”

“The majority of the CIC people are volunteers,” commissioner Don Bethel explained. “We truly appreciate their hard work and dedication and wish to thank them for their help.”

Brent Riggle from Hess asked for two agreements allowing his corporation to construct a road in the Industrial Park which will access the Cadiz E well pad and Archer A staging areas. Agreements 64-14 and 65-14 were passed.

“I feel this road is important because it opens up new areas of the park for development,” commissioner Bethel commented.

In other business:

The commissioners passed agreement 66-14 with Cardinal Gas LLC for the Utica East Ohio 20 inch gathering line. The RUMA covers 3.83 mi. of Harrison 22, 0.27 mi. of Harrison 43, 4.52 mi. of Harrison 44, 0.46 mi. of Harrison 502 and 2.8 mi. of Harrison 45.

The board passed agreement 61-14 replacing the earlier agreement 21-11 for 0.9 mi. of Hanover Ridge Rd.

The board passed agreement 63-14 with Physio Control for technical support and maintenance of defibrillators in county EMS units. The amount for the one-year contract is $11,149.

The board approved soliciting bids for the removal of pavement and resurfacing of the parking lot at DJFS. Bids will be opened at the Sept. 10 meeting of the commissioners.

The board approved the hiring of Eligibility Referral Specialist Joanna Culber to replace a vacancy from an earlier resignation at DJFS.

The board approved payment of the monthly DJFS mandated share of $3,531.41.

The board approved an increase in daily wages for election poll workers to $150.

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