Village of Bethesda to purchase building

BETHESDA – Village council recently met in Bethesda, and the key action was a decision to purchase a building for storage and a community room.

The building in question is located directly across from the municipal offices. Council will take out a loan for $85,000 to buy it, and an additional $15,000 will be borrowed to complete repairs.

Councilman Brian Bee stated that the police and street departments will be able to use the building for equipment storage. Additionally, part of the building will be made into a community room, available to be rented out for events.

Water Director Dick Quinlin informed council that Stonegate Construction was set to make the last two water tie-ins over the first week of August, while the old water system will be shut down. Some customers that have not made plans to replace galvanized water lines will need to contact Quinlin to get the issue sorted out. In the coming weeks, Stonegate will be paving the ditch lines on side streets.

Quinlin went on to say that the Environmental Protection Agency would like the village to keep the current water tower and rehabilitate it. Loan extensions are being applied for to help pay for additional meter pits, supplies that were needed to repair residents’ water lines, and the water tower rehabilitation.

Council reported poor cooperation with Newman Plumbing. Quinlin revealed that some work has been done incorrectly, for example putting meters in houses that should have had meter pits installed. Payment will be forestalled until the mistakes are corrected.

Council discussed the Chautauqua Days Festival and declared it very successful, especially the 5K and the fishing tournament. Mayor Marty Lucas thanked the Masonic Lodge for their work and donations. Lucas also thanked Bob Flanagan for his work and Joel Braido for his financial backing in restoring the vintage war cannon now located next to the municipal building. It is the first step in a planned veterans memorial.

The next meeting will be Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.