Wayne National Forest gets ODNR proposal

THE WAYNE National Forest has received a proposal from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resource Management, to enhance an existing wetland in the Big Four watershed.

There is an initial public comment period called “scoping,” and the public is being provided with specific information on the proposed action. Officials are inviting the public to send their ideas and concerns to let them know of any significant issues that the pubic feels should be considered.

In 2003, an environmental assessment was conducted to analyze proposed work in Big Four Hollow to deal with acid mine drainage contamination from acid seeps which affects Monday Creek.

Work that was done in 2003-04 included construction of a limestone leach bed and limestone channels and reconstruction of blocked drainages to allow positive flow of water. Due to the limited success of the original features to counteract the ongoing acid mine drainage generation from Big Four Hollow, the DMRM has proposed additional work to provide supplementary alkalinity to this tributary.