Powhatan has new mayor

Photo by Arlean Selvy Council President Jeff Haught, right, was sworn in as mayor of Powhatan at the Jan. 3 meeting of village council.

POWHATAN POINT – The village has a new mayor.

A special meeting of village council was held last week for the purpose of swearing in a new mayor and council president, and announcing a vacant council seat.

Councilman Jeff Haught was appointed council president at the Dec. 20 meeting of council. On Tuesday, he moved to the head of the table and assumed the gavel as village mayor. After opening the meeting at 8 p.m., Haught was administered the oath of office by village Solicitor Charles Bean.

Former mayor Mark McVey was not in attendance.

Nominations were then opened to elect Haught’s replacement as council president. Councilman Dave Walters nominated Councilman Brady Dierkes; on a motion by Councilman Jerry Binni, nominations were closed. The vote was 4-0 with Dierkes abstaining. Following the vote, Bean administered the oath of office to Dierkes.

Dierkes had resigned as president at council’s Dec. 6 meeting and was replaced by Haught at the following meeting, Dec. 20.

Regarding the vacant council seat created when Haught became mayor, Binni moved to post the need for a council member and to appoint the replacement at council’s Jan. 17 session. Individuals interested in filling the vacancy should contact the mayor, a village council member or employees in the front office. The motion passed 5-0.

Questions about the resignation of McVey brought only shrugged shoulders. One official commented, “I can’t say,” while another said McVey had announced his resignation in December following an executive session and that the press wasn’t at that portion of the meeting.

It was also noted that McVey handed in his written resignation on Jan. 4, the day following the council session. McVey was not present for comment.