Service Director: Subway still plans to reopen

T-L Photo/SHELLEY HANSON WORK to fix the inside of Martins Ferry Subway restaurant is expected to resume as soon as electrical lines are repaired behind the building.

MARTINS FERRY — Work to restore a Subway restaurant damaged by smoke and water during the city’s Oct. 9 business district fire still is underway.

Martins Ferry City Service Director Chris Cleary said this week that he has spoken with the eatery’s owner, who said he is waiting for electrical service to be reconnected before work resumes inside the building. The powerlines at the rear of the building were damaged by the fire and must be replaced, he said.

“Everything came to a halt — they need electric to do everything,” Cleary said.

The future reopening of the restaurant is much anticipated by many in Martins Ferry. Numerous people every day frequented the Subway on their lunch and dinner hours during the work week. It also is a favorite spot of many who live in the Purple City.

In addition to Subway, that same fire permanently took out the Fourth Ward Restaurant. With Subway and Fourth Ward closed, many people who work in the downtown area have been finding alternative lunch spots to satisfy their appetites.

For example, the Hanover Fuel Stop continues to have an array of submarine sandwiches to eat, and newcomer to Martins Ferry, Mama C’s Bakery & Deli on Fifth Street, also has been doing brisk business to fill the void.

Speaking of voids, the fire damaged structures on Fourth Street all have been razed, and workers with Edgco Inc. are removing the remaining rubble before filling in the gaping basement holes that were left behind.

Cleary said the city has fill dirt it can offer to help level the site that was left over from another project.