UL website up and running

T-L Photo/ ROBERT A. DEFRANK Education Management System Coordinator Lisa Britton demonstrates Union Local School District’s new website.

MORRISTOWN – Union Local School District unveiled a new website to the school board during their Thursday meeting.

Education Management Information System Coordinator Lisa Britton pointed out the site’s features, including a calendar, current events, a list of the communities that make up the district and the history of Union Local Schools.

“You need to check it out,” Britton said. “We’re very proud.”

Thanks went to everyone who assisted in gathering information so that the site could be constructed. The website is located at ulschools.com. Jenna Britton, a 2011 graduate and graphics designer, created the website.

“I’d like to thank Lisa and Jenna for their hard work on the website. They’ve been very patient in gathering information and waiting for information to come in.”

The board also heard from Helen Puperi, representing the Union Local Family Resource Center. The center is part of the JetAdventure after-school program through a 21st Century grant, although she would like the program to eventually be separate and self-sufficient. The center is training four volunteers to help families navigate community resources when necessary, as well as provide training in resume writing and financial planning.

“Our district as a whole is 40-percent free and reduced priced lunch, which is around 600 students,” she said, adding the volunteers will be able to assist families in finding community resources that help with such matters as heating bills.

“We’d like to help the students and families to come to school and be ready to learn, rather than worry about whether they go home and they’re going to be freezing, or they go home and they’re not going to have anything to eat, or a parent who says, ‘If I only had gas for my car, I could go to my job,'” she said. “That’s the things we want to target.”

She said a raffle is going on, with a drawing to be held May 8. Prizes are a 10-minute shopping spree at Riesbeck’s Market in St. Clairsville, a five-minute shopping spree, and a $100 gift certificate. Shopping spree rules and limitations can be found at the school district’s website.

Tickets will be sold April 28 and 30 at the Ohio Valley Mall Community Booth, and in front of Riesbeck’s May 6-7.

“I’m hoping as time goes by, people will begin to use these services we’re offering,” she said. “I think the students of our district will benefit tremendously from this.”

In addition, High School Principal Robert Mascolino reported a mock traffic crash will be held April 28. On April 29, prisoners from Belmont Correctional Center will speak to the students about making wise decisions before prom.

The board also accepted four bids for the campus paving project, and will hear recommendations next week. The base bid includes paving past the middle school and the front of the campus. Additional alternates to the bid include the old entry to the schools, the back route and a parking lot. The work should take place from June 1 to Aug. 10.

The board also approved:

∫ the resignation of Kara Koch, fifth grade teacher, effective June 30;

∫ Linda Bernard as a middle school tutor;

∫ Lindsay Moore as temporary district mechanic; and

∫ a contract with GreenCore Designs Inc. for the automobile shop addition.

The board has had three applications from students to serve as a non-voting member of the board. Interviews will be conducted and the student selected will take a seat at the June meeting.

A special board meeting will be held at 3 p.m. April 25.