True colors shining through at playground

Yorkville-Tiltonsville playground receives fresh coat of paint

T-L Photos/DYLAN McKENZIE WARREN TOWNSHIP Park manager Tom Schrader, left, stands with cousins Hank Kenjorsky, center, and Logan Taylor in front of a freshly painted fire truck play piece at the park. Taylor and Kenjorsky spent much of Monday painting some of the aging and weathered play structures in the park.

TILTONSVILLE — A local playground with some aging equipment received a helping hand on Monday to get ready for the summer.

The Warren Township park is a longtime staple in Tiltonsville and Yorkville, with a pool, plenty of space for kids to run and play, and several pieces of playground equipment for children to enjoy.

But some of the equipment has been in the park for a long time, and was starting to get worn and rusted out. With summer and peak playground attendance approaching, a pair of local residents — Logan Taylor and his cousin Hank Kenjorsky — decided to step up and do what they could for the playground. The two got in touch with the park manager, Tom Schrader, who gladly allowed the two to help touch up the park.

“We’ve lived here our whole lives, and we just wanted to help make it look nice,” Taylor said, adding he believes the playground equipment had not been painted since the 1990s.

Taylor, who is an assistant manager at Sherwin-Williams in St. Clairsville, said his manager Corey Johnson agreed to donate the paint needed to touch up several pieces of the equipment. The local Indian Club, of which Taylor and Kenjorsky are members, also made a donation to help the two work on the equipment.

The two mainly worked on freshening up the paint jobs of several pieces of playground equipment, including a small jungle gym and a metal fire truck that children can climb on on and slide off of.

In addition to the playground pieces, the two also put a fresh coat of paint on the basketball hoops and backboards at the playground, which had also been looking a bit neglected. The two said they were happy they could help out in fixing up an area they had many fond memories of, as they both frequently played at the park as children.

“It makes you feel pretty good knowing you’re doing something nice for the community,” Taylor said.