Cadiz may see water rate increase

T-L Photo/DYLAN McKENZIE/ Cadiz Mayor Ken Zitko listens to a speaker during Thursday's meeting.

CADIZ — With bulk water sales down, Cadiz may soon have to think about increasing water rates, a consultant told village council members on Thursday.

Council members heard from Bob Allen, the infrastructure business manager for E.L. Robinson Engineering. Allen was asked some time ago by Village Administrator Charley Bowman to do a rate analysis of the village water system.

Allen said the analysis done by his company shows that bulk water sales for Cadiz this year are down $176,000 from 2016.

Although Allen acknowledged that setting water rates is a job for village officials, he advised council members they will have to increase the water system’s income to keep up with expenses. Allen noted that even if rates do go up as a result of a council decision, water and sewer expenses are relatively low.

“It’s still a comparatively low expense, compared to something like electricity or cable,” Allen said. “And if you wake up and don’t have water service, that is a pretty big hardship, compared to other things you pay for.”

In other business, Councilman Terry Capers said two new emergency medical technicians have been hired.

Councilman Larry Sickle thanked the village street department for cleaning up after a recent alumni event that took place in the village.

Councilman Thomas Crawshaw informed council members that Sally Buffalo Days is approaching, and last year council donated $500 to help out with the event. Members voted to approve a donation in the same amount for this year’s event, as well.

Council also voted to table an amendment to and ordinance to increase appropriations until they could discuss the issue with Bowman, who was not at the meeting.

The next meeting of Cadiz Village Council will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 7 at the municipal building.