Quoth the Raven: Visit Bellaire

All-American town’s library will feature a ‘Tell-Tale’ telling

BELLAIRE — Is it the beating of that hideous heart? No, but Edgar Allen Poe’s horrific tale of madness, murder and guilt will haunt the theater room of the Bellaire Public Library at 6 p.m. Wednesday, just in time for the season of scares.

Stan Fedyszyn, a member of the library staff and an accomplished thespian, will narrate the atmospheric tale of a man’s destructive and self-destructive delusions and the gory results. He looks forward to giving voice to Poe’s story, “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

“You read the script and see how you can best communicate what the script wants communicated,” Fedyszyn said.

In addition, the evening will include a reading of another of Poe’s more famous works, “The Raven,” by Teresa Kwiatkowski.

The event will also boast an ominous production from the canon of the Bard, with a reading of works by William Shakespeare courtesy of Judi Fedyszyn.

“My wife is going to open the show,” Stan Fedyszyn said. “She’s going to do the witches scene from MacBeth.”

Fedyszyn said this production is part of a program initiated by Mary Roberts, director of the library.

“She’s really interested in expanding what the library does to attract more people for different reasons, and this was one of her ideas,” he said, adding that earlier this year the library hosted a Polish Saturday, complete with Polish food and a polka band.

“We try to create different reasons to get people to come and use the building more,” he said. “We’ve been talking about the possibility of some programs in the future. What we’d like to do is celebrate literature at various times of the year. Stuff for National Poetry Week in the spring, for instance, and of course Edgar Allen Poe is a natural for Halloween and October.”

Library officials note that this rather haunting evening reading is not appropriate for young children, but they encourage teens and adults to attend.