Bellaire given 60-day extension

THE VILLAGE of Bellaire received a 60-day extension on its grant to replace 24 of its fire hydrants with new ones. T-L Photo/ SHELLEY HANSON

BELLAIRE — The village of Bellaire received an extension on its deadline to have 24 new fire hydrants installed.

Village Administrator Scott Porter said the original deadline to have the work completed was this month. However, after having to deal with numerous emergency waterline breaks and other issues during the past few months, village workers only had the chance to install seven of the hydrants, which are replacing old, worn ones throughout Bellaire.

Back in September while workers were trying to replace one of those hydrants, a break on a nearby waterline ensued — just another example of how difficult it has been for workers to get the job done on their own. At one point, the village had so many waterline breaks occurring that village employees were working 16-hour days to get the lines fixed.

Porter is hoping that with help from a contractor, the work to replace hydrants will now go quicker.

“We got a 60-day extension on that. … We’re going to be working our tails off to get it done between us and the contractor,” Porter said. “There’s about 17 left.”

The village received $54,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds for the project.

Meanwhile, Porter said on Friday that work in the village, otherwise, has been “kind of quiet.”

“We’re trying to get things wrapped up for the year, different projects we’re working on.”

Village Council is scheduled to next meet at 6 p.m. Thursday at the municipal building on Belmont Street. Council will consider approving one of four bids submitted for a job to repave a portion of Belmont Street. The bids were opened and read aloud during a previous council meeting and included: Wilson Blacktop at $149,780; Shelly & Sands, $168,500; Cast & Baker, $115,000; and Lash Paving, $107,451.

The work calls for removal of 3.5 inches of old pavement and installation of a 2-inch base and 1.5-inch top coat.