Bellaire cancels meeting, traffic camera demo planned

BELLAIRE — Village Council canceled its regular meeting Thursday due to a lack of quorum, but members are scheduled to meet next week to receive a demonstration of a traffic camera system by Blue Line Solutions.

The demonstration is slated for 3 p.m. Wednesday at the village municipal building on Belmont Street. The demonstration is meant to give council members a better understanding of how the system works before deciding whether to use it.

Council was pitched the idea for the cameras previously by Police Chief Michael Kovalyk, who said one Ohio Valley city, East Liverpool, collects an average of $70,000 per month from tickets issued via the cameras.

The tickets are issued automatically to offenders by Blue Line Solutions. Cameras are used to take photos of motorists who speed or roll through stop signs. Of the proceeds, the village would receive 60 percent and the company 40 percent, Kovalyk said previously.

He also noted at that time that East Liverpool had reduced the number of accidents and injuries in the city by 85 percent thanks to the cameras, which can be set up anywhere in the village.

According to Blue Line’s website, the traffic infractions are still considered “officer witnessed.”

“An advantage over pole-mounted photo enforcement systems as this unit places the enforcement tool in the hands of an officer. Since the violation is witnesses and captured by an officer, he can testify to the validity of the violation,” according to

“The Blue Line DragonCam is the only hand-held laser that allows an officer to conduct a traditional traffic stop or capture the violation with the photo laser and issued citation by mail. This offers more efficient, safer traffic enforcement for all those involved,” the site states.

Council’s regular meetings are held at 6 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month in the second-floor council chambers at the municipal building.