Bridgeport council adds new member

T-L Photo/DYLAN McKENZIE Bridgeport Solicitor Michael Shaheen swears in Joe Lyle as the newest member of village council. Lyle was appointed at Tuesday’s meeting.

BRIDGEPORT — Members of Bridgeport Village Council welcomed a new member to the table on Tuesday evening, as they discussed the weather and other business.

Member of village council appointed Joe Lyle to fill the seat left behind by former council member Jerry Delman, who chose not to run for re-election. Councilman Marvin Husarik said the village had only received Lyle’s application of interest, and moved that they appoint him to the post.

Council approved the motion, and Lyle took his seat after being sworn in by village Solicitor Michael Shaheen. Lyle, who has lived in Bridgeport for many years, said his wife was on council several years ago, which sparked his interest in applying for the position.

“Hopefully I can help out on situations in the village,” he said.

Council heard from the Rev. Paul David Forsythe, representing the Gateway Apostolic Church in the village. Forsythe said he had previously spoken to council, asking for help with water runoff from Old Cadiz Pike Road spilling onto property owned by the church.

Forsythe said he was back to ask for consideration on resolving the issue. Mayor David Smith apologized, as he had believed the issue was already solved. He informed Forsythe council would look into temporary measures to keep water off the property, and would take more permanent steps when the weather permits.

Smith spoke briefly about the blast of winter weather the area experienced over the weekend. Smith said that an order delay caused a small salt shortage in the village over the weekend, but they have since received the shipment.

Several roads in the area did not get cleared immediately, as Smith said the trucks were unable to make it up some hills, for which he apologized. Council passed a motion authorizing the mayor to look into the purchase of a front-end loader tractor to help load salt onto trucks and plow snow during inclement weather, at a cost not to exceed $25,000.

In related business, council also approved the hiring of Bob Teasedale as a part-time truck driver in the village to assist with snow removal. Smith also thanked Three Brothers Excavating and Trucking, which provided the village with a load of sand to help with traction on icy roads. Smith also thanked Lyle for his assistance, which involved Lyle volunteering time by using his four-wheeler to help clear snow in several places.

Council members also discussed damage to a culvert last week on High Street, which collapsed near the side of a house, leaving a large hole. Smith said the village either can leave the bottom of the culvert in place and put a cap on it, or replace the bad sections of the culvert completely.

Several council members said they want to send a camera down the culvert to assess the damage and determine the cause of the accident, pointing out there could be blockage further downstream from the actual damage.

“We need a camera,” Husarik said. Smith agreed, adding that sending a camera down would also give him the chance to contact the state and see if Bridgeport could get funding made available to help with the repairs.

The next meeting of Bridgeport Village Council will be at 6 p.m. on Feb. 15.