Cadiz requests conservation after water leak

CADIZ — The village of Cadiz is asking residents to cut back on water usage as crews try to find a water leak in the system Monday.

Village Administrator Charley Bowman said the village was experiencing a water leak in its main supply line on Monday.

The line runs from Tappan Lake to the water treatment plant in the village, supplying water to the residents of the area. Bowman said the leak is affecting the whole village of Cadiz and that officials are doing everything they can to find the leak.

“We’re doing all we can to find it,” Bowman said, adding that the leak is somewhere along U.S. 250 between the village and Tappan Lake.

“We’re trying to call in a few leak detection companies to help us find where it is.”

Until the leak can be found and repaired, Bowman said the village is asking residents to try and conserve water as much as they can.

This includes cutting down on shower time, not running the dishwasher and generally just not using water unless it is


Bowman said the village is pumping half of its water capacity and figures that it has around two days of emergency water supply stored in the village water towers.

“We absolutely have a concern as to our supply right now,” Bowman said.

When the leak is located, Bowman said it won’t be as simple as just putting in a patch and repairing the pipe. He said that due to the way the system is set up, repairs will involve village crews going in and digging up a section of pipe to replace it.

If anyone has questions regarding the water break or the conservation order, they can call the village of Cadiz at 740-942-8844.