Project Forward plans Strawberry Festival

T-L Photo/MIRANDA SEBROSKI PROJECT FORWARD member Jim Schramm, center, looks over project ideas for the city. Seated beside him is Andy Sutak, left, and Linda Brown. PROJECTFORWARD 2 T-L Photo/MIRANDA SEBROSKI THE REV. William Webster, left, gets elected president of Project Forward with Mayor Robert Krajnyak seated beside him. PROJECTFORWARD 3 T-L Photo/MIRANDA SEBROSKI PROJECT FORWARD member Anthony Orsini looks over the Project Forward agenda. Project Forward plans Strawberry Festival for June

MARTINS FERRY– A group of Martins Ferry residents are joining together to make the city full of fun for all ages.

On Thursday, the members of Project Forward met to discuss new ideas and elect members to designated positions. Project Forward is a local organization whose goal is to bring the community together and have economic growth. The group is currently working on getting a grant from the Belmont County Tourism Council for $3,000 to work on projects. Members of the group have already accomplished the addition of a farmers market in the city. The farmers market runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

In the recent meeting, the Rev. William Webster, pastor of Grace Church in Martins Ferry, was elected to be the president. Re-elected was Katie Kendall as their secretary and Rita Randall as the treasurer. The other board members consist of Sherry Stratton, Missy Yeso, Anthony Orsini, Linda Brown, Dan Stephens and Jim Schramm. Volunteers are welcome to become members of Project Forward and present ideas.

Webster said just because someone has a title and gets elected a position with Project Forward does not mean other volunteers are less important.

“We’ve always been an open group. Part of being a member of our group is that we all work together and it will always be that way,” he said.

Project Forward is working on the Strawberry Festival, an event that has not occurred in years. The members discussed ideas for the festival such as having contests with Strawberry themed items such as jam, shortcakes, pies and more. All of the members agreed the food vendors involved with the festival should prepare menus with strawberries in the mix. There was also talk about having live music and members pitched strawberry themed songs such as Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles and Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter.

Project Forward is going to be reaching out to businesses to participate as vendors. The expected dates of the festival will be June 1-2 and Project Forward members hope it brings the community entertainment and fun.

The next Project Forward meeting will be located at Webster Hall in Martins Ferry 11 a.m. Feb. 15.