Yorkville Village Council discusses upcoming projects

YORKVILLE — Despite the winter weather, Yorkville Village Council met Tuesday to discuss its village project agenda.

Mayor Blair Closser is planning to attend a Local Government Officals Conference in March and urged the rest of the council to do so. Closser said it’s a great opportunity for more training.

Council also reviewed plans to install more security cameras in the municipal building. Four out of six have been installed so far.

Centre Market Land Development is seeking property on which to open new businesses and are hoping to accomplish this by spring. Pike Island Energy is moving forward with the application process for a hydroelectric plant at the Pike Island Locks and Dam, and are working with the Ohio and West Virginia Departments of Natural Resources.

Council also discussed employee salary schedules. Closser said he is hoping sometime this year to have at least a 50-cent hourly pay increase for village employees.

Village officials also announced the municipality is developing a new website. Yorkville currently has a Facebook page, but council discussed setting up Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as an email to link to the website.

Council is still undecided about Twitter and Instagram, but will have an email to contact village council. Councilwoman Jennifer Murray will be in charge of the email account. The website is expected to be launched in February or March.

U.S Bank is working with council for a check-scanning service. Instead of checks being deposited at the bank office, they will be scanned and put directly in the village’s funds. Council will receive the scanner for free with a two-year agreement, but there will be a $21-per-month deposit.

Closser said this would be a great idea.

“No one will have to run to the bank in a hurry,” he said. “It is also a lot easier to get things in on time and you can look up the history of a check easily with this.”

The village’s registration with Systems for Award Management, a service that provides notification of grants for which the village could be eligible, is up for renewal at a cost of $300 for another year. Yorkville has not applied for a federal grant since 2013 and was turned down.

Council members will decide whether to renew the service during a February meeting.