Lafferty lodge ready to assist

Photo Provided Members of the Lafferty Moose Lodge include residents who work with the fire department and community park. Pictured, from left, are Brad Applegarth, Dugan Dye, Lori Mann, Suzie Pubal, Darrell Jendrusik, Tim Mann, Preston Eberhart, Bob Eberhart, Larry Zalesny, Jim Garrett and Aaron Parrish.

LAFFERTY– Residents of Lafferty stick together when members of the community need help.

The Lafferty Moose Lodge is not just a place to get a drink or a bite to eat. The lodge members work hard to make sure everyone in the community is doing well. Each year, the Lafferty Moose Lodge makes donations to the local fire department and community park and hosts holiday parties for the children in the area.

During Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, members of the lodge donate and deliver food baskets to those who need extra help. The Lafferty Moose Lodge also donates “Tommy Moose” stuffed animals to the local fire and sheriff’s departments to comfort children during difficult times.

Secretary and bartender Marsha Butler loves the idea of giving out the stuffed animals.

“It’s good for the kids who are involved in accidents” she said. “It comforts them and gives them a sense of safety.”

The Lafferty Moose Lodge even gives back to residents on a personal level. The lodge tries to help anyone who has lost a loved one or who is battling illness or struggling with financial hardships. Butler said members of the lodge recently helped a man who had adopted his grandchildren and then lost his wife to cancer. The lodge planned a fundraiser for him and raised enough money for him to catch up on his bills.

Butler said all of this work is completed thanks to the lodge administrator, Harry Smolira.

“He is always saying we should help our community and give back as much as possible,” Butler noted.

The Lafferty Moose Lodge will host a Gun Bash on Feb. 17 at the Carnes Center west of St. Clairsville. Doors open at 3:30 p.m., and the event will be a fundraiser to help the lodge with upkeep and building funds.