St. Clairsville students get a special visit from the ‘Dark Knight’

BATMAN TALKS to St. Clairsville Elementary School students about being well behaved and helping others during an assembly on Tuesday. Photo provided

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — St. Clairsville Elementary School students got a visit from a famous superhero known for fighting villains without using any super powers at all.

Batman, aka the Dark Knight, held an assembly at the school Tuesday morning and talked to the children about the “four steps to greatness,” said Gene Mozena, dean of students and a physical education teacher.

Mozena said Batman also talked about never giving up, always doing the right thing, helping other people and why it is important to not be a bully.

Mozena said his favorite quote from Batman was, “The more you make someone else feel special, the more things special will happen in your life.”

Mozena described the assembly as a “wonderful experience” for the students and a great way to “spread some positivity in our lives.”

“Thank you to Mr. Shutler for bringing this idea to me and for helping me make it happen,” Mozena said, referring to second-grade teacher Josh Shutler. “Thanks to our school district for paying for this wonderful opportunity.”

Batman was portrayed by John Buckland of Heroes 4 Higher LLC.

“We wanted to do something to empower our students … and to educate them on bullying. We hope it will become contagious and they will spread kindness throughout our community,” Mozena added.