JB Green Team set to move

STEUBENVILLE — The JB Green Team is preparing to move to a new location in Belmont County by mid-summer and hopes to have a site in the Jefferson County Industrial Park under contract by the end of the week.

The Jefferson-Belmont Solid Waste District board met Monday afternoon at the Municipal Building.

A building for the solid waste district was purchased a week ago in Belmont County for $75,000 with work to begin on refurbishing the interior to have it ready to move into by July 30.

The industrial park site in Jefferson County needs final surveying work, an environmental study and core borings to get it ready to build a structure to house the authority’s trucks and offices.

Anita Petrella, JB Green Team executive director, said her suggestion to place an office trailer from which to work on the industrial park during construction will prove to be cost-prohibitive because of the cost of moving in the trailer, setting it up, arranging for water and sewer service and paying to have it removed when the new building is ready.

Petrella said problems continue with people dumping non-recyclable materials at some of the authority’s recycling bin sites. She said bins will be pulled out of the St. Francis Church lot in Toronto and the St. Mary’s Church in St. Clairsville Friday, with the churches requesting to have them removed.

Petrella suggested the board consider changes to TV and electronic recycling in 2019. She said the number of old cathode-ray screens has fallen dramatically, with collections getting between 12 and 20 at recent collections, compared with 300 in years past. The company that takes the recycled electronics from JB Green’s electronic recycling events will charge $500 just for picking up the materials if the collections do not reach at least 20 percent of the previous year’s collections. She recommended going to a once-a-year cleanup as is done with hazardous household waste.

“Maybe we’re finally running out of those old CRT’s,” Petrella said.

Household hazardous waste pickups also are facing increasing costs, she said, and asked the board to consider approving holding the collections in alternating years in the two counties. The JB Green Team is committed to a household hazardous waste collection June 23 at the Fort Steuben Mall and Aug. 18 at the Ohio Valley Mall. She said the collection will cost $25,000 for Jefferson County and $32,000 for Belmont County this year.

Petrella said JB Green Team is paying its personnel overtime to collect from recycling bins on Sunday instead of hiring a part-time employee who would be unfamiliar with the equipment and routes. She said the route is taking four hours, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., and has cut down on materials accumulating from residents who fill the bins on Saturdays.

Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas and Craig Petrella, district safety and compliance officer for the Apex Landfill, discussed scheduling of trucks taking loads into the transfer station at the former Buckeye Landfill in Belmont County. Thomas asked why there was a line of trucks stretching from the facility Friday. He said haulers are taking their loads to West Virginia, which costs the solid waste district fees.

Petrella said Apex is dealing with more pressing environmental regulatory issues at the present that are taking priority over the transfer station. He said there are additional trailers being scheduled into the facility. Petrella reminded Thomas that the transfer station exists only because the county needed to establish one and the Buckeye Reclamation site adjacent to it has become an EPA Superfund cleanup site. He noted it’s not a true transfer station because haulers dump loads that are filled into trailers instead of being held in a building and hauled away later. Petrella said Apex offered the haulers the chance to dump at the landfill outside Amsterdam directly.

Petrella said Apex is notifying haulers when trailers are available at the Belmont transfer station.