Health board cancels meeting

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The Belmont County Board of Health had to cancel its Monday meeting because not enough board members showed up to have it.

Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Sproul said three of the six board members did not come to the meeting. That means the board did not have a required quorum.

“One board member was on vacation,” said Sproul. “Another board member was ill, and another board member got called out of the area for personal reasons. We have to have at least four board members to conduct a board meeting.”

Board memebrs Dwight Jenewein, Jim King and Joel Braido were present. Renato DelaCruz, Irene Louda and Elizabeth Glick were absent.

Despite the situation, Sproul was able to get permission to take administrative action on one issue: posting a job opening online for an executive administrative assistant.

“I spoke to the board president, who was there, who gave me permission to post for that position,” he said. “We have to do the interviews. Once I do the interviews and give them a couple people to hire from, they would make the ultimate decision.”

The health department is looking for someone to fill the role full-time. Sproul said the current administrative assistant, Patricia VanFossen, is leaving her job to take care of a family member. She had served in her position for nearly four years before submitting her resignation Monday.

“Supervisors positions give a 30-day notice upon departure,” said Sproul who also said her last day would be Aug. 9.

“She is a very professional person. I have no doubt she’ll leave us in a good situation … I hate to see her go, but fully understand what she’s doing.”

The position calls for managing office and auxiliary functions such as maintenance, security and public information, as well as preparing and administering budgets; establishing and supervising the maintenance of fiscal controls; authorizing expenditures and purchases; and developing and implementing recruitment and training programs. The salary depends on experience.

“We’d prefer to have somebody with an accounting degree or at least a finance background, because they’ll have to do budgets,” Sproul said. “Supervisory experience would be a must, since they will be overseeing at least three people. Any office operations we need them to do. An all-around good person with a lot of experience. I’m afraid it will be very hard to find a